You are looking for hotels which ensure the security of their guests for the upcoming business trips of your staff, find the assessments of our international network of experts in hotel security and safety, to make the best choice according to your specific situation, and create the best working conditions necessary for the success of your business in the world.

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Discover how many hotels have been evaluated in the city where your staff need to travel!
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Independant assessments by senior security experts

Yearly renewed assessments

Flexible solution for small and large businesses

Interactive assessment request tool

Global guide of secured hotels: Africa and Middle East

Ugosafe allows the travel security manager to :

Periodically control that his selection of hotels fits his travel policy's hotel security and safety

Consider adapting his hotel selection in case of degrading security environment

Rapidly respond to internal demand for a safe hotel to support the opening of a new market / a new project

Ensuring the security of their business travellers is not an option but a legal obligation for companies. Having immediate access to reliable and updated information regarding the security of hotels requires expertise and substantial resources. Ugosafe and its trusted network of experts help the manager in charge of travel security to choose the accommodations which suit best the need for security of its travellers. By enhancing security, a company enables its travellers to work in optimal conditions, focusing on and developing business. With Ugosafe, gain/regain/maintain control of the security of your travellers!

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